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AZCA Financial Group

AZCA Financial Group

Founder and President

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AZCA Financial Group is a financial services firm with offices in North San Diego County and Arizona. Founded by Jay Miars in 1990, our firm's mission is to offer comprehensive, independent wealth management services so that you can pursue your financial goals in a tax-efficient manner. We serve as our client's personal CFO, working with a team of other professionals to create a truly comprehensive approach to managing your wealth.

As your personal CFO, w e work closely with you to uncover your unique needs and concerns, and then develop strategies that help you thrive both financially and personally. We focus on minimizing your risks, reducing costs (such as taxes) and optimizing your wealth. Our goal is to help you grow, protect and ultimately transfer the wealth that you have worked so hard to earn.

The people we work with come from diverse backgrounds and situations. Our clients include people currently in or preparing for retirement, and we also specialize in serving surgeons and small business owners. No matter what your specific needs, we strive to help you gain a better understanding of your complete financial situation so that you are free to live the life you want. By serving as your personal CFO, we are able to coordinate the various components of your financial life so that you are free to focus on the things that are most important to you.