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What We Do

Our firm offers comprehensive wealth management and financial planning services to a range of clients. Many of the people we work with are preparing to retire. We partner with these individuals to identify and implement strategies that will help them build and preserve their wealth throughout retirement. While we address all areas of wealth management, our emphasis is on developing strategies that minimize the amount of taxes our clients must pay. We also provide legacy planning and multi-generational planning services.
Generally, we focus on four key areas as we manage your financial life:

Wealth enhancement: By identifying ways to minimize taxes and maximize your after-tax wealth.

Wealth protection: By implementing strategies to reduce risk and protect you from unexpected events.

Wealth transfer: By developing a tax-efficient plan for passing your assets to your heirs.

Charitable giving: By helping you create a plan for supporting the organizations and causes that are most important to you.

As advisors, our ultimate goal is to serve as each client's personal CFO. That means that we act as a hub for your financial life, coordinating and communicating with other experienced professionals (such as accountants, insurance specialists and estate planning attorneys) to ensure that you're maximizing your resources and doing everything possible to achieve your goals. Our goal, when you work with AZCA Financial Group, is to help you gain more control and confidence over all aspects of your finances.